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“Oh my god. This is the best thing I’ve ever eaten.”

BBQ Lab is the result of a cooking hobby that got out of hand. I was first introduced to BBQ while living in the US, competing as a racing driver.  I was trying to get into NASCAR after a career in GT’s and single seaters in Europe.  I travelled all across the Deep South, sampling the different regional styles of BBQ whenever I could.

I returned home after losing my sponsorship in the recession and tried a variety of things before eventually getting into cooking. It rapidly became an obsession…

BBQ Lab is a fusion of my love of American BBQ, and love of science & engineering. I try to apply the same level of analysis, determination and focus to my cooking as I did to racing in an attempt to create something new and interesting, while always keeping true to the ingredients and principals used in traditional BBQ.

It’s highly experimental, and I almost never repeat the exact same menu as I’m always striving to do better. The positive is that you can try something new every time you visit!

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